Your care is our care

We create caring, connected senior living communities where older people can live comfortably, eat well, explore their interests and enjoy the company of good neighbors.

Our care and service pillars

Tailored Care

We do not use this as a slogan; we offer care in small and intimate environments that allow for care customization to the greatest degree.

High Ratios

We offer one of the highest team to resident ratios to further deliver on the promise of custom-tailored care delivery.

Advanced Care

We offer advanced care services that allow for residents to remain in the same environment regardless of the level of care.

Transparent Fees

We strive to offer flat fee models that provide comfort to resident and families that even when care needs change, the fees would not*

Care Professionals

We offer full scope nursing care, personal support and medical coverage as well as ancillary services, such as, chiropody, dental care, vision care, hearing health, etc.

Quality of Life

Focus on high quality meals with texture options as well as robust programming to allow residents live life to the fullest.

Welcome to Trillium Care

We understand home is more than a place. It’s where we feel understood, safe, and cared for. Home is where we gather with friends, enjoy delicious meals, and where conversation always awaits. Every Trillium facility is distinctly unique, reflecting our vibrant neighbourhoods and the residents we serve with pride

Services We Offer

Permanent senior living accommodation

Dementia day program

Respite senior living accommodation

Community outreach support